AllTuts theme for, updated for BE v2.6

Previously I’ve published BlogEngine theme AllTuts based on original wordpress theme. This theme is now updated for BlogEngine v2.6

Download: AllTuts (Updated CSS – 2012/08/02)

Version History:

  • 2010/12/13 – Initial Release.
  • 2011/01/07 – Fixed css issue with DISQUS.
  • 2012/08/01 – Fixed some issues with CSS
  • 2012/08/02 – Fixed issues with IE and ddsmoothmenu

Also this theme is available at GitHub. The github repository located at

AllTuts theme for, updated for BE v2.5

Previously I’ve published BlogEngine theme AllTuts based on original wordpress theme. This theme is now updated for BlogEngine v2.5 and added to the online gallery. Have a look and let me know your feedback.

BlogEngine v2.5 is having theme, widgets and extensions gallery integration. From the administration interface, you can browse the online gallery and install the desired items directly from the gallery. The gallery is utilizing NuGet package management for installing the packages. You can now install the theme from the online gallery. For installing you have to login through the administration interface and navigate to themes section. In themes section, you get the currently installed themes. Navigate to online gallery and select the theme and install to your blog and activate the theme as usual. If you prefer to install the theme manually, navigate to and download the theme and install theme in your BE installation.

New theme for “AllTuts”

Finally I’ve managed to finish porting WordPress theme called AllTuts on BlogEngine.NET. AllTuts theme is originally developed by Site5. This theme is playing so nice that I’ve decided to port that theme for my blog based on BlogEngine.NET. Theme AllTuts

Theme Highlights

  • This theme is having great simplicity along with modern look.
  • Top navigation page menu.
  • Two widget zone right sidebar and footer.
  • jQuery lightbox ready.
  • Full view of latest post.

Download: AllTuts (Updated CSS – 2011/01/07)


Version History:

  • 2010/12/13 – Initial Release.
  • 2011/01/07 – Fixed css issue with DISQUS.

“Arthemia” theme for

Some time ago, I came across a wonderful theme for BE called Arthemia. Arthemia is combining a magazine and a weblog into one; it is not too magazine-ish nor too blog-ish. This is originally developed by  Michael Jubel for wordpress, which is ported to BE by onesoft and Antonio Chagoury. I’ve came across of the new version of original wordpress theme and decided to modify the BE theme to look more pretty as much closer as the original wordpress theme. And the result is this new Arthemia theme.

You need to add the theme in to your theme folder and you should configure the theme by referring the instructions by Antonio Chagoury.

If you have any problem using the theme and want to ask for support, please fell free to contact me using contact form.

Download: (85.78 kb)

Beginning with

I’ve started the customization of for my upcoming site. I’ve considered this blog engine as my blog platform due to its highly customizable nature and good customizable theme support. My main goal is to customize this platform in such a way that it can handle simple blog to full fledged  content management system.

In upcoming days I’m coming with the detailed how-to series on the customization.

Happy blogging…