“Arthemia” theme for blogengine.net

Some time ago, I came across a wonderful theme for BE called Arthemia. Arthemia is combining a magazine and a weblog into one; it is not too magazine-ish nor too blog-ish. This is originally developed by  Michael Jubel for wordpress, which is ported to BE by onesoft and Antonio Chagoury. I’ve came across of the new version of original wordpress theme and decided to modify the BE theme to look more pretty as much closer as the original wordpress theme. And the result is this new Arthemia theme.

You need to add the theme in to your theme folder and you should configure the theme by referring the instructions by Antonio Chagoury.

If you have any problem using the theme and want to ask for support, please fell free to contact me using contact form.

Download: Arthemia.zip (85.78 kb)

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  1. Can you port over this Arthemia theme for BE 2.5? That would be really awesome. Thank you for porting this theme. It’s beautiful. Will definitely use it!

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