AllTuts theme for, updated for BE v2.5

Previously I’ve published BlogEngine theme AllTuts based on original wordpress theme. This theme is now updated for BlogEngine v2.5 and added to the online gallery. Have a look and let me know your feedback.

BlogEngine v2.5 is having theme, widgets and extensions gallery integration. From the administration interface, you can browse the online gallery and install the desired items directly from the gallery. The gallery is utilizing NuGet package management for installing the packages. You can now install the theme from the online gallery. For installing you have to login through the administration interface and navigate to themes section. In themes section, you get the currently installed themes. Navigate to online gallery and select the theme and install to your blog and activate the theme as usual. If you prefer to install the theme manually, navigate to and download the theme and install theme in your BE installation.

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  1. Hi. Well done! I am having an issue adding and deleting widgets. It works in every theme I’ve tried, but All Tuts. Once you add a widget, it does not let me edit it nor delete it. I’m using SQL as backing store…

    I’m investigating causes, but if you come up with an idea, please let me know

      1. After hours of debugging I found the issue. On the file WidgetContainer.cshtml, the id of the div was incorrect. You only need to remove a dash.

        Change from: 


        That fixed my problem. Let me know if it fixes yours.

  2. Is anyone having problem with IE9 ? I don’t see the right side (posts) but only the right column. Working fine in other navigators. Thanks!

    1. You only need to add : @Html.Raw(Model.Rating)   after of : Html.Raw(Model.Body) inside file: “themes/AllTuts/PostView.cshtml”

       Additionally you need to add the following to style.css.ratingcontainer ul li
      }Et Voila!!!

      1.  Thank you very much, now i see rating, but i have wrote in style but i don’t see the difference..
        .ratingcontainer ul li
        i don’t know is it’s right…
        another problem is that rating and text (Currently rated 2.0 by 1 people) are one above the other, how to format them?
        can you help me??
        Thanks for all your support.

  3. HI, i have problem with tag cloud, i see the word always with the same size… what is the problem???

  4. When i used this theme i realized that i cant change my widget name. Have you any idea?

  5. Hi,
    in 2.6.5 after adding to the footer, you are lost. You can’t delete them or move them.thanks

  6. Hi Pravesh Soni,
    it’s possible to know the code for to put in your theme also breadcrumb?
    Thank you very much!

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